Saturday, June 14, 2008

Judge Kozinski’s web site and Cyrus Sanai.

The Patterico blog has details of some of the coarse humor that was available on Judge Alex Kozinski’s website. Kozinski can be criticized for indiscretion in failing to realize that his website was publicly accessible, and opening himself up to this politically-motivated silliness, but I fail to see why a judge’s e-mail habits should be a scandal. Yes, Kozinski apparently has an immature sense of humor, but we already knew that.

Of more interest is that the attorney peddling this, Cyrus Sanai, has been targeting Kozinski for years.

Read the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

This Cyrus Sanai mouth piece isn't he an attorney for British GAS ?
Seems he represented big oil/ gas outfits, and now the Judge's wife has brought out the how Sanai got the personal files. Sneaky
So, a judge has a site that was hooked into via WWW/ google searches. So what.
Did Sanai read something into the picture where a horse was about to mount some guy, "HORSEY STYLE" something peculiar to his law practice.
Many lawyers are shown in shark pictures, what if the judge had a lot of shark pictures on a WWW site, that is a federal offense isn't it.
Beracudas just swimming around in the L A BAR.

Anonymous said...

On Popehat WWW site, it removed some posts to conceal many matters.
One of the the authors of that site, "Ken", bragged he was a federal court Clerk(around 1993), and a big buddy of the new attorney of Judge Kozinski, and he was flaunting that that the subject attorney L A Club attorney kicked ass in New Mexico in the Wen Ho Lee matter.
Actually, that is nothing to brag about, the defendant in tht matter admitted to illegally downloading information on bombs on nuclear devices,(at a Nuclear Research facility) and despite his plea deal to cooperate on all, the what , where , when why as what he did with all the info down loaded(missing and never recovered, all copies) question remain, on that and it seems hush hush in USA press.
Sure some smut on a federal judges,
computer server is not nuclear material, but I was struck by how arrogate this elitist L A attorney is who seems to float in the Chic L A bar circles. Further, Wen Ho Lee sued many major News organizations, later.
further, how can any forget the problems on illegal tech transfer and the news back in teh 1990's on Ms Tiffiany the judge wife, the General counsel for Hughes Electronics., all on googles, if any want to wade into that area.
What is amazing is the number of WEB sites that have so called ex Federal Clerks that are on a crusade to bash Cyrus Sanai, like some major cross wiring in some circles.(the L A smut peddlers bar)
Well, after all L A is the DVD CD capital of the world on adult entertaniment, and seems the news game is tar and feather Cyrus Sanai, REAL TIME.
I was shocked by this ex so called Federal court clerk, the raw arrogance of it, and it appeared to me, he is just some game player, he coudl care less about the full truth.
IS that what UCLA Law is about, for its " hottie" shot esquires

Anonymous said...

It appears that Judge Kozinski is a character in his own surreal drama, created by his own surreal life, as if some Peter Seller's farce, written by his co-producer Stephen Trott, and based on the below:

In 1979, Peter Sellers appeared in Hal Ashby's production of Being There, a film version of Jerzy(FAT ALEX) Kozinski's satirical novel on the cultural influence of television. In the film Sellers played Chauncey Gardiner, a none-too-bright gardener who is forcibly thrust into the outside world after the death of his benefactor. Sheltered in his employer's home, Chauncey's world-view was entirely shaped by the television shows he watched on sets scattered throughout the house. After being cast from this TV-defined Eden, Chauncey and his child-like innocence are challenged by the harsh realities of the outside world at every turn. In one memorable scene, he is menaced by members of an inner-city street gang as he urgently presses a TV remote control to make them "go away." In another scene, Sellers kisses a passionate female character played by Shirley MacLaine as he mimiced a televised love scene that he was watching over her shoulder.

Oh, how life imitates art in the kinky Alex World---
Next, a trilogy on Humpty dumpty, all the Kings, men, and the Sheriff of Nottingham, Sir Alex is the MAN, L A kink: LIVE FROM L A.

Anonymous said...

First, the judge claims that this Cyrus Sanai is with some big corporate law firm, Buchalter in B Hills, Ca.
Now, it seems that Cyrus is a free floater.(below some firm radar status)
Besides the messy divorce of his parents, what is his legal gig ?
I mean, it must not be very financially rewarding going on and on about the Cow PIC Downloads, or up loads, or this server, or that as to Judge K...
Seems, Cyrus is hearlded on some Iranian WWW--- the Iranian of the DAY.
Kozinski is the Semite of the decade for his Bruin exploits.
Seems that Cyrus has a Harvard degree, so he is Ivy League in the wool.
Lets hope, this all does not erode the Yagman rulings....
You know, the 1st amendment on speaking out.
It seems the highest use and priority of the 1st amendment is on porn profusions--in L A.
Lets, hope justice is not axed out of the 1st amendment after the dust settles in this dog fight...

Anonymous said...

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