Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"Freedom" -- featuring Ronald Reagan's wisdom, Fred Thompson's narration and John McCain's vision for our future -- lays out the stakes on Election Day and was the feature video for the 2008 President's Dinner.


Wahrheit said...

Okay Jane, ya got me...whatever problems I may have with some of the things McCain has done, I will be voting for him. So you can rest assured that this post did have some actual impact on the election!

Indy Jane said...

wahrheit! Dude, I'm right there with ya! At this point it is about saving us from BHO! I am and most likely will always be a devoted FredHead.

Pete Fanning said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and dropping a shout, Jane....from one Hoosier to another...yep...I'm a transplant....by way of the Navy...most of my family is still there.

Most of my respect for McCain lies in his service to his country as a fellow Navy veteran and his well-known sacrifice in Vietnam. I really think, tho, we're selling ourselves short as conservatives this go 'round, but I'll be pulling the lever for him like many others.

....but I'll be watching him like a hawk...I just don't trust him on immigration.