Sunday, May 25, 2008

This Should Frustrate the Pinko, Leftard, America-Hating, Defeatists...

...we are winning in Iraq! My Muslim co-worker who hates Republicans and George Bush goes on and on about how we need to cut and run from Iraq. He states that it is impossible to win. I say, he hopes it is impossible for us to win. I asked him why do Muslims who are far more conservative and traditionalists side with the Liberals. After all, Muslims are anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, even farther to the right than American conservatives on Gay issues. For example, we don't call for their death. They are in the dark ages on women's rights, etc. He claimed it was fiscal issues. LOL

My theory is that Islamists are very bright indeed. They understand that the Liberal Left of the West is our Achilles heal and is what will weaken us. They can smell the blood as we are destroying ourselves from within making the conditions ripe for their agenda of a global caliphate.

Here is the good news of our impending victory in Iraq-

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