Thursday, May 01, 2008


I try to keep things at Diminished Expectations no racier PG-13. I want this to be a site people are comfortable having their kids read (assuming they want their kids to become right-wing global warming skeptics/baseball fanatics). Family friendliness is very important to me. I detest people who wear T-Shirts in public that say things like F*** Bush because of the first word, not the second. Our public discourse is vulgar enough without me contributing to it.

That said, I've come across blog that I really like which at the same time is insanely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Sonia Bellechasse's blog is sort like Last of the Few if Theo were female...and French...and a bisexual nudist. You read that correctly. Anyway, she's a staunch anti-communist and that's good enough for me. I only go there for the articles. Enjoy!

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MrCorey said...

I've been following Sonia's blog for a long time now, and I must say that she has one of the most interesting minds to be found on the net. I agree with you, although the pictures are nice too.