Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Love RSS and So Will You! I Promise!

A PSA rerun (updated for DE) from my former blog - For Serenity's Sake, and in honor of RSS Awareness Day.

If you have yet to discover the RSS Feed, today is your lucky day! It is great fun, really super simple and such a time saver! I am sure that you have seen these little buttons around .

Check out the video below that explains it all in very easy to understand and really super simple terms. BTW, my favorite reader is the free Google Reader. It is so user friendly. I use my GR every day. When any of my favorite blogs or news agencies have updated it goes right into MY reader. I no longer have to travel around the net checking to see if there is new stuff.

The Google Reader has a nifty feature called the Google Reader Shared Page. You can see the widget for this on the sidebar of this blog. My GR Shared Page is a wonderful Google gadget that allows me to select and unselect at will what blog posts and news articles that come into my GR that I want to share with all of my friends. It has it's own web page and this delightful widget is so simple to add to your blog. The GR Shared Page also has it's own feed people can sub to. I was able to add the GR button to my browser. I am reading more than ever and in less time. Nothing gets past you if you are using your Google Reader! This is great for all of us poor addicted "Information Junkies"!

Once you get started sub to our blog by clicking the RSS button on the sidebar or the RSS button in the address window of your browser. If you would like to add my Shared Page use this link or visit the page here.

Now watch the really super simple instructional video. If you need more info visit the RSS Awareness Day page.

Be sure to let me know how you like RSS!

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