Friday, May 30, 2008

Changes at Diminished Expectations.

Sorry that the blogging has been light lately. With The Wife being pregnant and me trying to sort out some technology issues...I guess I haven't paid enough attention to my loyal readers. Hopefully that will change soon.

I'd like to take this opportunity to announce some changes here at DE (that's what all the cool kids call it). Over the past year DE has become a team effort and it really ought to reflect that. Instead of "about me" the page should say "about us". That sort of thing.

I began Diminished Expectations began as a place where I could post links to articles that I thought were interesting...that's it. For the most part it will remain that way. I'm hoping however, to add a lot more original content over the next several months. Mostly, this will mean me getting off my metaphorical backside and writing more. But it also means DE will have lots content from people besides me.

Unless you're blind you've noticed that Indy Jane has joined the crew recently (OK a few months ago...look this is free. For timely you have to pay). With her insightful articles and fantastic video skills, she's improved the quality of the website immeasurably. She's a great addition and we're lucky to have her.

If Indy and I have done the lion's share of the visible work here, The Wife has done quite a bit in the background. She routinely proofs my posts, suggests articles, and acts as an all around back seat driver. She'll continue in those roles but less often. With the demands of her career as well as impending motherhood weighing upon her, she has better things to do.

I'd also like to add content from others too. If you have something you want published let me know. Here's your big chance. It can be anything: Art History, Pop Culture, German Philosophy whatever. The more the merrier. In this way, massive blog empires are built (I can hear Matt Drudge quaking in his boots). I do however reserve the right to edit for obscenity and liability issues.

In short just like life, nothing here stays the same. Hopefully you'll like the changes.


Dan "I aint F L Wright" Gaines said...

hey - I'm definitively not super right-wing, but I may bring something to the table. One of the things Viv (A.K.A. The Skirt) and I have developed an interest in is Modern and Distinctive Archetecture - repleat with a green-approach to home building. Some well-placed home designs, effeciency ideas or articles on modern furnishings may slip in well with the pop culture spin.

Mike Stajduhar said...

Sounds Great...I love interesting stuff on architecture and design.