Saturday, April 05, 2008

Senior Democrats mull Al Gore's nomination.

Plans for Al Gore to take the Democratic presidential nomination as the saviour of a bitterly divided party are being actively discussed by senior figures and aides to the former vice-president.

The bloody civil war between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has left many Democrats convinced that neither can deliver a knockout blow to the other and that both have been so damaged that they risk losing November's election to the Republican nominee, John McCain.

Former Gore aides now believe he could emerge as a compromise candidate acceptable to both camps at the party's convention in Denver during the last week of August.

I'm beginning to think this is the best option the Democrats have for getting out of the mess they've found themselves in of late.

Interestingly, had the Democrats been using the same rules as the Republicans for allocating delegates guess who would be in the lead today? I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with Millary Binton.

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