Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pro-Choice Lawmakers to Receive Communion

WASHINGTON (AP) - Catholic members of Congress who publicly support the right to abortion will trek to Nationals Park Thursday for a Mass celebrated by a pope who has said such lawmakers should not receive Communion.

Leading these lawmakers, some of whom have repeatedly complained about remarks by Pope Benedict XVI and a few bishops on the subject, will be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the government's highest-ranking Catholic and a supporter of abortion rights. Nowhere in her remarks or her actions this week has she referred to strains with the new pontiff.

It would nice if he took the opportunity to give them a stern talking to.

As an aside, the author refers to Nancy Pelosi as "the government's highest-ranking Catholic". No doubt this will come as a surprise to Chief Justice Roberts (a devout Catholic) who had been led to believe that the three branch's of government are co-equal.

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