Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Light Bulbs Wars.

You’d think this wouldn’t be a polarizing issue, but given enough time and comfort and prosperity, people will form schisms over anything. I’m still surprised there weren’t armed confrontations between the Clear Pepsi and Opaque Pepsi factions. Those of us who lived through Tastes-Great / Less-Filling Riots expected worse, frankly. I will never forget the eerie glow from the funeral pyres at dusk, Rosie Greer moving from bonfire to bonfire to bless the fallen . . . anyway.

This shouldn’t be polarizing, but it is. Energy conservation has been suffused with a moral quality these days; instead of being a sensible reaction to higher prices and foreign dependence, it is a sign of virtue. It was thus in the 70s, and now it’s back. That’s why your choice of light bulb says what kind of a person you are. Fluorescent? Or evil?

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