Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How Counter-Productive is Realtor Association Spin?

Some Trade Associations, like the ATA tonnage index, or the Home Builders Index, simply put out the straight dope -- an unvarnished, unblinking look at their industries, so their members can better make informed business decisions with the available data.

Other groups massage the data, spin the message, and try to present their info in the most positive light -- regardless of the underlying data. They seem to believe that if only the public believes things are okay, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The National Association of Realtors falls into this latter category. They have been calling the bottom in Housing, well, ever since the top 2 1/2 years ago; Their consistent claims of stabilization and price improvements later in the the year -- as prices have continued to slide -- have earned them the title of
Worst. Forecasters. Ever. What is more damning, IMHO, is that they are not just wrong, but purposefully misleading for commercial purposes. I believe that is defined as Fraud.


West Toronto realtor said...

Somebody said: "The only statistic I believe is one I falsified." I am member of West Toronto realtor team and in such big city you have to deal with many (official?)numbers as realtor, but I am trying always to have my own opinion first and not to rely just on the released numbers. On the other hand, there would be no business, if everything can be predicted!
P.S. beautiful dogs! All of them are yours? :)

Mike Stajduhar said...

The Newfoundlands were mine but they both passed on this year. The Great Dane was a foster situation.

west toronto realtor said...

Mike, I am really sorry to hear that. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Trust me, I know how you can feel - after all, dogs are members of our families.
Thanks for your mail, I will keep coming back to your weblog, and brief you on Canadian real estate in general and West Toronto homes in particular.