Monday, April 07, 2008

Facebook: Deadly Threat to Young Islamic Women

This is so sad and pathetic. It has become less shocking as the "Religion of Peace" is crammed down our western throats on a daily basis. I love Facebook. I am on quite a bit. Facebook is teeming with Muslim men. These men are bold and aggressive. I do NOT post suggestive pictures of myself (I only post those on Flickr ;D), yet they think it is acceptable to hit on me in a very forward fashion. At times they are downright sexually harrassing. Perhaps, I should photoshop "Proud Infidel" on my forehead and they would leave me alone.

Seriously, this shameful "honor" killing is heart breaking. Notice how the Sauds paint the "necessary" death of this young woman as the fault of the dangerous and lust provoking Facebook. It's disgusting how muslim men freely behave sexually depraved and offensive yet slaughter their women for an innocent conversation. How dare a faceless muslim woman think she has a right to participate on Facebook! It is an outrage!

Incidents of "honor killings" are rising in the US, UK, AU and Canada. Atlas Shrugs keeps up with these horrific details of Islamic misogyny here. Don't be naive. Sharia has hit our shores.

A young Saudi Arabian woman was murdered by her father for chatting on the social network site Facebook, it has emerged.

The unnamed woman from Riyadh was beaten and shot after she was discovered in the middle of an online conversation with a man, the al-Arabiya website reported.

The case was reported on a Saudi Arabian news site as an example of the "strife" the social networking site is causing in the Islamic nation.

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