Monday, April 14, 2008

Distorted Beauty

Judge Bob over at the Judge Right blog has an excellent post up about "true beauty". I wish I could communicate as eloquently as he. I have two daughters 16 and 8 and a son age 10. This issue concerns me greatly as they grow up surrounded by mocked up impossible images of beauty. You can see a blatant example of how these distorted images have had a devastating effect on the minds of our youth culture by reading the disrespectful comments posted on Youtube (yes the ones I have been ranting about).

A snip from Judge Bob's post:

The result is that both women and men have unreal expectations of what a woman is in today's society. As the second video presents the devastating market to young girls, pressuring them to measure up to an unrealistic standard, so the pop culture is selling the pornification of our society so that men expect these unrealistic behaviors from women. It creates an environment where women are pressured further to change themselves to fit into a character model that is both self destructive and unfulfillable. The great search for happiness is forever elusive because the expectations drilled into us through these ads can never be met.
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