Sunday, April 06, 2008

Absolut apologizes for Mexican vodka ad

MEXICO CITY -- The Absolut vodka company apologized Saturday for an ad campaign depicting the southwestern U.S. as part of Mexico amid angry calls for a boycott by U.S. consumers.

The campaign, which promotes ideal scenarios under the slogan "In an Absolut World," showed a 1830s-era map when Mexico included California, Texas and other southwestern states. Mexico still resents losing that territory in the 1848 Mexican-American War and the fight for Texas independence.
I guess I'll be sticking with Stoli.
Skyy Vodka chimes in.


Vildanden said...

The funny thing is that USA government resented the Greek decision to veto FYROM's accession to the NATO based on outdated "historical" reasons.

It seems that when history and irredentism comes knocking on your door, things change ;-)

Thud said...

Crap!..just as i plan my move to CA it disappears.

Admiral Burns said...

Maybe we could give Texas back to smoothe things over. Or, would that just make it worse? I was taught as a child that the battle of the Alamo was so important because the loser HAD to take Texes.

Dan"Selling New Mexico for America" Gaines said...

Being a proud Texan, I'd much rathewr give New Mexico as a peace offering to the MExicans. It's the only state in the union where White kids are the minority in the school system, whites are openly regarded as unwanted, and outside a UFO crash and a nuke site, it's a wasteland. Give it back and save my state.