Monday, March 17, 2008

Why does Hillary Clinton wear such bad clothes?

Well dressed crazy lady Nancy Pelosi.

This little non-story is zipping around the web today and I almost didn't link to it-I think women in powerful positions have a hard time with fashion. "What do I wear that says I'll bomb you into the stone age while still looking feminine?" I've pretty much a;ways given Hillary a pass on the terrible haircuts and awful pantsuits she's subjected me to over the years. After all who does get that sort of thing right? I mean it's not like Margret Thatcher was a fashion plate.

Then it occurred to me. Nancy Pelosi. Now I'll grant you, Speaker Pelosi is a loony but she is elegantly dressed-ALWAYS. Pelosi manages to be feminine in a pants suit, yet secure in her role and gender. Maybe it's the muted tones, maybe it's the strand of pearls, but she always looks put together.

Sure, Clinton might be gun shy of femininity after National Review Online editor Kathryn Jean Lopez criticized Clinton for showing cleavage while speaking in the Senate about a year ago. But embracing her femininity as Pelosi has, instead of fighting it, might aid some of Hillary's image problem.

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admiral burns said...

Mike- I think it is great that you have also embraced your femininity by posting this.