Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Political correctness run amok at Indy Jane's Alma Mater.

University janitor sanctioned for reading an anti-KKK book on his break.


Dan said...

IUPUI is a different world. Most urban campuses have a progressive outlook upon integration, diversity and free-thinking. Maybe it's the city of Indianapolis, but from my recollection, going to IUPUI is like entering a prison sentence, except you get to pay to attend and in the end , you get a piece of lambskin declaring your attendance. In between all that, it's relative chaos.

I'm glad Indy Jane survived relatively unscathed. I know many a victim of the Indiana University-Perdue University of Indianapolis....

Old Rasputin said...

Wow. One would have thought reading an anti Klan book WOULD have been politically correct.

On a side note, the Klan is still alive and, well, I guess "well" is the wrong word, here in Indiana. I live in what we refer to as the People's Republic of Bloomington. A while back, we stated getting messages from the Klan on our doorstep. I would find a little flyer rolled up like a scroll with a rubber band at the end of our driveway. It looked like it had been placed with extreme care, exactly perpendicular to the street, right next to our mailbox. Once opened, it would reveal an invitation to a meeting, march, or general info on hot great it is to be white. Perhaps I was naive, but the first one of these shocked the hell out of me. Surely not here!


PS O Brother Where Art Thou is my favorite Klan movie.

Indy Jane said...

Dan, pretty much nailed it. If you're looking for the traditional "college experience", IUPUI is NOT for you.