Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama Realizes Wright is Outrageous.

Whoa. It is hardly as if this is the church Obama's parents selected and he inherited. He sought out Wright, was moved by Wright, and is now pretending he had no idea Wright said these things.


Jim Baxter said...

In the 1980's, after wife Carol and son Matt went to be with the Lord, I began making short-term lay- missionary trips to Central America (4x), Russia (2x), and once each to
South Korea and Israel. My message then, as now; "God's Answer to His own question, 'What is man...?':
Earth's Choicemaker." Psalm 25:12 Joel 3:14 KJV

In several C. A. countries we found a rampant idealogy of humanistic collectivist Marxism selling itself to the people as 'Christian' under title, "Liberation Theology." The resulting damage to faith, governments, and peoples, and individuals, goes on to this day.

I recently went to Senator Barack Hussein Obama's church's site to read what his 'pastor' teaches - and he obviously supports. I found Liberation Theology & Racial Collectivism (Black) - neither of which is Bible-based, or Christian, or American-principled.

Little is even said in behalf of Christianity other than superficial camouflage. It is a site dedicated to pure humanistic collective error.

The whole site is worthy of analysis, EXPOSURE, and rejection.
Two particular pages are: listed in Contents
and no longer listed BUT AVAILABLE Homepage & Contents

Please see for yourself: Now you know what Obama really believes!
Error produces only error.

Please share with your watchman readers, warrior friends, pastors, &
rabbis - and others...

Jim Baxter
semper fidelis
vincit veritas

Indy Jane said...

Thanks Jim for posting this. I have seen this Liberation Theology bologna on their website. It is insane and certainly far from sound theology. It smacks of heresy.

BTW, checked out your website. I liked the passage on there titled "The Jew". If only more Christians would "get it".
Baruch hashem Yeshua HaMoshiach! :)