Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The men of VT-8

LCDR John C. Waldron takes off from the USS Hornet for the last time.

Lex has a moving tribute to the men of Torpedo 8. Of the 30 men who led the first wave against the Japanese carriers at Midway, 29 were killed. Watching the slaughter, Admiral Chuichi Nagumo was moved to observe that Americans had died like samurai.

Torpedo 8's sacrifice would have the unintended effect of drawing Japanese fighter cover down to wave top level, allowing American dive bombers to hammer the enemy carriers. Midway would become the most complete naval victory since the battle of Trafalgar.

The Roll of Honor:

Lt. Commander John C. Waldron
Lt. Raymond A. Moore
Lt. James C. Owens, Jr.
Lt.(jg) George M. Campbell
Lt.(jg) John P. Gray
Lt.(jg) Jeff D. Woodson
Ens. William W. Abercrombie
Ens. William W. Creamer
Ens. Harold J. Ellison
Ens. William R. Evans
Ens. Henry R. Kenyon
Ens. Ulvert M. Moore
Ens. Grant W. Teats
Robert B. Miles, Aviation Pilot 1c
Horace F. Dobbs, Chief Radioman
Amelio Maffei, Radioman 1
Tom H. Pettry, Radioman 1
Otway D. Creasy, Jr. Radioman 2
Ross H. Bibb, Jr., Radioman 2
Darwin L. Clark, Radioman 2
Ronald J. Fisher, Radioman 2
Hollis Martin, Radioman 2
Bernerd P. Phelps Radioman 2
As well L. Picou, Seaman 2
Francis S. Polston, Seaman 2
Max A. Calkins, Radioman 3
George A. Field, Radioman 3
Robert K. Huntington, Radioman 3
William F. Sawhill, Radioman 3

The survivor, Ensign George H. Gay, Jr. was awarded the Navy Cross and was a pilot for TWA for thirty years. He died of a heart attack in 1994.

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