Monday, March 31, 2008

Memo to SuperDelegates: There is No Frontrunner, the Race is Open.

So, Hillary's ahead in popular vote and electoral votes, in the big states and the states most likely to go Democratic in November. She's ahead in the big states that are critical for Dems in November. Obama's got a small lead in overall pledged delegates and has won more Republican states that have a slim to no chance of going blue in November.

The superdelegates need to consider who will bring it home for Democrats in November. The results so far indicate that person is Hillary Clinton, not Barack Obama.


Bob Hawkins said...

How delicious. Liberals arguing fairness versus effectiveness, with other liberals. I can already hear myself shouting "So you can understand that concept!"

Admiral Burns said...

Just because these two candidates are Democrats, does not mean they are liberals. You use that word like it is dirty.
And, Democrats know all about fairness versus effectiveness. We need only look to the 1999 Presidential elections in Florida and all of Karl Rove's dirty tricks.

Mike Stajduhar said...

Well in fairness liberals seem to think "liberal" is a a dirty word too-that's why they have begun calling themselves "progressives". I also think liberal is a pretty fair description of both of them. While it is true that Clinton is to the right of Obama, her signature issue wanting to socialize 1/7 of the the us economy. I think if you compare her to people like Sam Nunn, Evan Bayh, or even John Edwards (before he decided to be the populist champion of the left) she is by any reasonable standard a "liberal".

Also I didn't know Rove had fixed the 1999 Presidential election-I thought he confined himself to the one in 2000.

admiral burns said...

Ha! I tricked you. I knew all along it was the 2000 election. I just wanted you to admit it was fixed.