Sunday, March 16, 2008

Maybe China Shouldn't Be Hosting The Olympics.

Ya think?

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Old Rasputin said...

I think that the Tibetans see this as their last chance to make something happen for themselves. China has increased efforts to colonize and integrate Tibet in the last decade, and the world has mostly looked the other way when it comes to human rights. If the Tibetans don't do something now, they may lose their culture, religion and heritage forever. It is sad that the Tibetan protests have turned violent but it may have been inevitable. I have a great respect for the Dalai Llama and his use of compassion and nonviolent means. One can point to Gandhi as an example of how this can work.

The problem, however, is that the present Chinese government is not the British Government of last century. They are much more willing bathe Tibet in blood than the British were India. Also, the Tibetans are far outnumbered, as was not the case in India. Many Tibetans, especially young Tibetans, aren't sure that they can afford to wait for peaceful means.

I think that the violence in Tibet will escalate on both sides in the coming months. This will lead to massive and bloody crackdowns by the Chinese government.

Sadly, I think that we will have to boycott these Olympics. I will certainly not watch them if they go on.

I have gotten to know a few Tibetans here in Bloomington. The Dalai Llama's brother lives here, and there is a monastery and cultural center here as well. I have really like and respected the few monks I have gotten to know, and the chinese characterization of them as rabble rousing troublemakers is laughable to me.

I have also learned much about Buddhism. (Jenelle has actually become a Buddhist) If you took the time to compare the ideals and history of Buddhism and Chinese communism, it should be hard to determine which side to take.

I am sad for my Tibetan friends, many still have relatives in Tibet. If you pray, pray for their saftey and well being.