Monday, March 03, 2008

Legal Jihad

America’s largest news agency has sent the lawyers after a blogger, who happens to be a long-time critic, on fair use.

Plucky little Snapped Shot must have really touched a nerve. This could make an interesting case, if Brian gets some good representation and takes it into discovery. Only seems fair to be able to establish how deep the bias and incompetence is. The strategy would appear to be deep-pocket intimidation, to make annoying, miniscule, insignificant nuisances just go away. But even if that works, it could get awkward if and when the nation’s prominent newspapers start writing the David and Goliath/Bigfoot stories, and rehashing all the bias and incompetence claims. Interesting also to see where the various press freedom/free speech advocacy groups fall. Could be a challenge to those with bias problems.

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