Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Jeremiah Wright Factor.

[W]hen you're left with the choice of either acknowledging that you had sincere close, personal, and political ties with a minister whose views most Americans find beyond the pale, or defending yourself by using the "hey, I'm just a cynical politician who uses religion to get votes just like anything else, and I don't believe in it any more than I really believe that NAFTA is bad" excuse, I think you may be in for some trouble.


Tina said...

Or maybe there is an explanation with more depth:

Indy Jane said...

Obama now has betrayed his spiritual mentor. What would it take for him to betray the US to our enemies?

Either, he is lying or he did a lot of sleeping in church. I've never been to his church, yet I've known of it's racism, anti-American, and anti-Israel positions for months now.

It does seem that Michelle was listening and taking notes.

When did sermons/diatribes become comments?

It is plausible that Obama aligned himself with Trinity United to seem more black for political purposes. But now that it hurts a national campaign he pretends not to know them. hmmm... Sounds like business as usual...typical. He is a farce!