Sunday, March 02, 2008

Iraqis are happier with the M-16.

This is more good news that you won't easily find in the MSM. Yes, its been reported as cronyism and pork between Colt, that EX-Marine Murtha, (see comments there) and other assorted lobbyists/politicians. Yes, it probably is exactly that. BUT, there are MANY reasons why this is a necessary improvement.

For one thing, the weapons currently being used by Iraqi soldiers and militia are not standardized. Saddam's military had been supplied with weapons by numerous foreign and domestic sources And face it, those AK's are old, worn out, and need to be replaced. Why would we replace them with a weapon not made in the USA?

The AK-47, while a fine weapon in its own right, does not lend itself to precision shooting. A break with the weapon of the past will necessitate the Iraqi soldier in learning new and improved warfare habits. "Spray and Pray" will no longer be an option. Fire discipline teaches small unit discipline. And, after awhile, with training, the good habits compound themselves into professionalism.

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