Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Knowing that no democratic government of a society that values human life can long survive the dissatisfaction of citizens subjected to continuous, violent harassment, the Hamas death cult intentionally targets Israeli citizens in the hope that a counter-attack against the militants might draw in Palestinian innocents as collateral damage. The images of their suffering will bring attention (and funds) to their cause from neighbors quite willing to fight to the last Palestinian, while in the West, yuppies who drive Volvos with “COEXIST” stickers on their bumpers decry the effect but not the causation. This is like blaming the broken window for having been struck by a brick.

It appears that Israel’s only options are to 1) suffer quietly under a constant, murderous assault, 2) counter-attack and risk hurting innocents or 3) accede to Hamas’ demands and negotiate the terms of their own destruction. You know you’re living in a bad neighborhood when the only options available to you are either intolerable, undesireable or suicidal.

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