Monday, February 18, 2008

Something fun for President's day.

I was able to come up 42 of the 43 (I missed the 8th President) but I had real trouble remembering 13 and 19. Give it your best shot.

Just type the last name in the box. If you type a name used by more than one President ie. Bush you get credit for both men.

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Anonymous said...

I got 39. Missed Polk, which pissed me off. Mexican War, knew it started with a "p," aargh! Chester Arthur and Cleveland who counted as two. I always hated the Golden Age anyway. I also kept hitting space after a correct answer, which slowed me down. Too bad I just stared at the screen for the last 2 minutes, or I could use lost time as an excuse.

I must say, I expected to come in behind you, but I am glad you missed one. Good ole Marty V!