Saturday, February 23, 2008

The perils of socialized medicine.

The British National Health Service is trying to crack down on patients who want to pay out of pocket to get drugs that their doctors have recommended but that the NHS doesn't cover. But the health service is afraid to let too many people go outside the system so they punish those who do by telling them that, if they continue, they will have to pay for all their medical treatments, not just the drugs, on their own.


Anonymous said...

I am not for socialized health care, but I think we should be careful about being smug about the virtues of our system. As of right now, my wife is having to go around our system in a similar way. The only thing keeping Jenelle out of the hospital right now is a drug we are having sent from Canada. It is not approved despite being safer than the approved alternatives(one of which is responsible for Jenelle's disability) Her doctor recomended it, wrote the script, and yet we have to obtain it illegally. Oh, and of course her insurance won't pay for it, even though it is what is keeping them form having to pay the hospital to treat her. Lovely.

Our government would probably like to "crack down" on people like us. For my part, I'll risk the crack down, and keep my wife at home.


Mike Stajduhar said...

I agree that our system is FAR from perfect and you definitely have my sympathies regarding Jenelle's illness-I've always felt you should have sued the bastards.

This posting is is aimed more at those who regard socialized medicine as an unqualified good and want to bring it to this country.

It's worth remembering that any system has winners and losers and in my opinion asking a patient to quietly die rather than letting them spend their own money is profoundly unjust. At that point it seems clear to me that the "health care" bureaucracy is committed to an ideological ideal-not patient outcomes.