Monday, February 18, 2008

Is Barack Obama a Borg "Manchurian Candidate?"

Fellow citizens, there is reason to believe that Barack Obama may be an instrument of a hostile foreign power. Specifically, Barack Obama could be a sleeper agent for the Borg.

Yes, you read that correctly. You probably know that during this presidential campaign, allegations have been raised — falsely —that Barack Obama is an Islamist who once attended a madrassa. Other whispers have charged — again, falsely —that Obama refuses to recite the American Pledge of Allegiance. Likewise, investigations into his youthful drug use have found little smoke and no fire. Still unanswered, however, is the question of whether Barack Obama is a puppet of the Borg, a collectivist hive of cybernetically enhanced humanoids from a distant galaxy.


Anonymous said...

The Enterprise vs Death Star video on this site was pretty funny. Have you ever see any of the "Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager" series on youtube? Anyone that has ever worked in retail should be amused.


Anonymous said...

Take the test at the end. Barack or Borg?