Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Diminished Expectations endorsements,

Romney for President.

For what it's worth (though the wife is for McCain).

Prop 91 Prohibits motor vehicle fuel taxes from being retained in General Fund-YES

Prop 92 Establishes independent community college districts-Yes

Prop 93 Change in term limits law-NO

Prop 94-Prop 97 Indian gaming agreement-NO

Prop S Reduction of city tax on communications-Yes


Admiral Burns said...

And to think- I still remember when your wife was a Democrat.

Mike Stajduhar said...

Well in fairness, I think she's more of a left leaning independent. On some economic issues she's to the right of me (the former Teamster).

Admiral Burns said...

Cut it out- you're a former Teamster like I'm a Navy veteran. (Admiral is an honorary title only, but I was once in the real Navy for five weeks).

Mike Stajduhar said...

Umm...no actually I was a union delegate which is no joke. I went to the national convention and voted fot Jimmy Hoffa (Jr.) and everything.

Admiral Burns said...

I don't doubt that, but how long were you a Teamster? And, what job did you have to get you in? How often do you really identify yourself as a Teamster or former Teamster?

Dan Gaines said...

Mike and company - PLease fully endorse Hillary and/or Barak. Clearly, when you are rooting for a candidate , they fail miserably. Not that McCain was my first choice, but as a die-hard liberal Republican (I believe we call ourselves "moderates"), the honorable senator from Arizona is a great choice (and mine since '00).

Admiral Burns said...

Mike- Endorse the Manchurain Candidate, I mean, Senator McCain. If Dan is right about the effect your endorsements have, you could be saving your country and Jane Fonda.