Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Republican Debate

I'm watching it now. So far Romney seems the strongest. Giuliani and McCain are having strong nights as well. Fred is his usual funny self and Huckabee is holding his own. Ron Paul is demonstrating once again that he's the Republican party's crazy uncle.

Update: Thompson and McCain are tag-teaming Romney on immigration. Too bad really since Romney is saying some good things on the issue. Thompson just whacked Giuliani on the real meaning of amnesty.

Final Grades:

McCain flustered him a few times, something he needs to work on. The real battle though was for Romney to present himself as the "real republican" in the race. If Romney gets enough voters to say to themselves "yeah, I guess he's ok" he'll be the nominee. He moved a step closer to that tonight.

A good night. No mistakes but he didn't really provide a reason for someone who was committed to another candidate to switch.

He was relaxed and confident and he never lost sight of the fact that his main rival in the room (in the New Hampshire primary anyway) was Romney. He never missed an opportunity to stick it to Mitt, something that Romney seemed unprepared for.

He neither helped nor hurt himself. He came across as credible and I liked his answers on immigration best but he didn't dominate the room.

A good night really. He presented himself well and didn't back down when other candidates took shots at him.

Aside from him being...well a little crazy, he seemed flustered and cranky. The format tonight was against him. It allowed everyone to gang up on him on foreign policy issues and his endless rants on the war probably hurt his position more than it helped.

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Donald Douglas said...

"He never missed an opportunity to stick it to Mitt, something that Romney seemed unprepared for."

Sounds good!