Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For what it's worth...

The Los Angeles Republican Alliance (of which I am a member) has endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

Here's the full text of the endorsement:

After taking a survey of the core members of LARA it has become apparent that Mitt Romney is the first choice and Rudy Giuliani is a close second and may even be a tie with myself being the tiebreaker.

Personally Mitt Romney has been my number one choice since I first heard him speak at a CRP Convention in San Jose last year. I did not speak publicly about my personal choice until after the Representative’s Debate. The only objective assessment I can make is that the activists that are members of LARA and attend the meetings are so because they are Conservatives, socially, militarily and economically.

No compromising of our core Republican principals is the first thing our President and Commander in Chief must establish with the enemy here at home and abroad. John McCain has failed over and over and over with the Democrats in the Senate. What is he going to do with the war on terrorism – listen to Ted Kennedy? We know he has a breaking point a weakness that hasn’t escaped notice of the Democrats and the Terrorist. John McCain seems not to be aware that the three big issues we as a country are facing starts with settling the issue of illegal immigration and the economy and ridding America of the insidious leftists hawking their obsolete Marxist economic and social model here at home. Armed with these successes we could fight any enemy of freedom and win decisively not divisively.

Mitt Romney’s positions of the major issues are not too dissimilar from the rest of the pack, (except McCain and Paul). What differentiates him from all the rest is his background; his family and his professional career in the private sector. His positions on the economy, specifically, and most importantly, entitlement reform and immigration are well thought out and exemplary. The evolution of his ideas and policy positions has been consistent in that they are heading in the RIGHT direction. In addition, I admire his determination to defeat Islamo Fascism, which would bring stability to the Middle East.

Mitt Romney can beat Hillary Clinton not because he has a better political machine, nobody does, but because she brings so much dysfunctional baggage with her. She is like a bad girlfriend – not the needy kind but the fatal attraction kind. Romney has the resources and the national network of activist’s organizations, including this one, to push out his message and illustrate the contrast between his professionalism and her maniacal need for power.

If Obama were the Democratic nominee it would be a different strategy. Obama is JFK reincarnated in a socialist suite of armor that is severely outdated and obsolete. He is a nice guy but in need of wisdom -- compensation from age and experience. SO WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO PULLING THE LEVER MOST THOUGHTFUL PEOPLE VOTE FOR THE PCKETBOOK -- HIGH TAXES AND BIG GOVERNMENT NEVER WIN.

So my endorsement and the full power of the Los Angeles Republican Alliance will become part of the Romney team after he is nominated in the California Primary. I will suspend operations until after California votes. If California picks Rudy then I will wait until the Convention when the delegates pick our nominee.

Thank you for being Republican,

Jeffers M. Dodge
President of the Los Angeles Republican’s Alliance

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