Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Ethical Treatment of Animals

With an extreme emphasis on Ethical…

That is supposed to be the core of Ingrid Newkirk's PETA organization isn't it?

The how come, in 2006 at their adoption facilities in Virginia, they murdered 97% of the animals given up for adoption and only found homes for twelve of them. That's right: PETA took in 3,061 animals, took the time to find homes for 12 of them and murdered 2,981 (no word on where the remaining animals went).

The truth is that it's an ugly, nasty organization.


Anonymous said...

I was a vegetarian for 5 years (you'll be pleased to know I am eating tasty meat again) and I think the PETA people are complete whack jobs. I think the whole animal thing is just a cover for some kind of cult. You know, a better camouflaged Scientology, complete with celebrity idiots.


Mike Stajduhar said...

If god didn’t want people to eat meat, he wouldn’t have made animals delicious.