Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big Chunk Of The Universe Is Missing -- Again

Understandable- I loose things all the time.

Prison Offers Inmates Pole-Vaulting Lessons

Kinda speaks for itself.

Queen Hillary's disruptive court

Hillary's stonewalling evasions and mercurial, soulless self-positionings have been going on since her first run for the U.S. Senate from New York, a state she had never lived in and knew virtually nothing about. The liberal Northeastern media were criminally complicit in enabling her queenlike, content-free "listening tour," where she took no hard questions and where her staff and security people (including her government-supplied Secret Service detail) staged events stocked with vetted sympathizers, and where they ensured that no protesters would ever come within camera range.

Anti-Semitism and the Left that Doesn’t Learn

No, anti-Zionism is not in principle anti-Semitism but it is time for thoughtful minds—especially on the left—to be disturbed by how much anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism share, how much the dominant species of anti-Zionism encourages anti-Semitism.

One of my favorites.

The immortal Frank Sinatra.

I've often thought we needed to take this threat more serriously.

American Treasure

Continentals who grew up on Hollywood movies where the guy tells the waitress “Gimme a cuppa joe” and slides over a nickel return to New York a year or two later and find the coffee now costs $5.75, takes 25 minutes and requires an agonizing choice between the cinnamon-gingerbread-persimmon latte with coxcomb sprinkles and the decaf venti pepperoni-Eurasian-milfoil macchiato. Who would have foreseen that the nation that inflicted fast food and drive-thru restaurants on the planet would then take the fastest menu item of all and turn it into a kabuki-paced performance art? What mad genius!

Archaelogists Found: Evidence of Zombie Attack in Ancient Egypt!

Further evidence that my irrational fear of Zombies may be correct.

You must be a legal resident to get a driver’s license— in Mexico

Perhaps our laws should simply mirror those of Mexico?

Hollywood's Red Decade

No better example of the intellectual and artistic bankruptcy of the left exists than these films. They should have been allowed to make as many as they wanted. No blacklist, no Congressional hearings, no interference whatsoever. A couple dozen more like these and Hollywood communism would have been relegated to comic relief. Left alone, they'd have knocked themselves out.

Instead we got the legend of martyrdom, and hundreds of hours of foul ideological exercises, unto the present day.

The Gilded age

Extreme doghouses.

Historic whiskey could go down the drain

If ever there was a case for executive clemency this is it.

What is Your Blog’s Reading Level?

I guess I use too many 25 cent words.

I should have thought of this.