Friday, November 16, 2007

Cambridge Cracks Down on Pro-War Boy Scouts

The election commission in Cambridge, Massachusetts, ordered the removal of Boy Scout donation boxes collecting amenities for troops serving overseas, and the Boston Herald editors note that anti-war flyers were allowed to remain.


American P-38 fighter plane has emerged from the surf and sand where it lay buried — a World War II relic long forgotten by the U.S. government and unknown to the British public.
During those decades, beach strollers, sunbathers and swimmers were often within a few yards of the aircraft, utterly unaware of its existence just under the sand. Only this past summer did it suddenly reappear due to unusual conditions that caused the sands to shift and erode.

Academia's Pervasive PC Rot

Academia's "diversity" obsession is founded on hostility to diversity of opinion.

A man of the left considers the case against universal health care.

In a universal coverage system, the government would seek to limit spending by forcing down payments to doctors and pharmaceutical companies, while scrutinizing treatments for cost-effectiveness. This, in turn, would lead to both less innovation and less access to the innovation that already exists. And the public would end up losing out, because, as Tyler Cowen wrote last year in The New York Times, "the American health care system, high expenditures and all, is driving innovation for the entire world."

Ye who are weary, come home

Services at St John’s Church in Baghdad. Another sign of progress.

Howard Dean: No Bars to Heaven's a little creepy that it appears the Democrats have an official position in the party platform on who gets into Heaven. I thought God was the final arbiter of that...

Happy Heaven Gone Missing

"Fifty Million Frenchmen" happens to be one of the rare, old shows that has been recorded from start to finish with its original orchestral arrangements. Being a geek, I noticed that the medley overture included a catchy tune that is never sung on the recording.
Since recordings of shows like these are typically highly archival affairs, with their producers dredging up every scrap with the obsessiveness of the Simpsons' Comic Book Guy, it is peculiar that there is not a word in the liner notes about what this mysterious melody even is. I knew what the issue must be.
That melody must run up against some taboo, and in our America that would have to be race. All I had to do was consult Robert Kimball's anthology of Porter lyrics, and wouldn't you know, one from this show was "The Happy Heaven of Harlem." Apparently Harlem is a place where "You're never blue, 'cause all you do is eat, sleep and make love."

Two Cheers for Mr. Thompson

It seems The Washington Post likes his plan for Social Security.

Reviled and Isolated Abroad?

The rise of external threats to our allies has concentrated their minds on the need for the American connection. The revival of American fortunes in Iraq -- and the diminished prospect of an American rout -- have significantly increased the value of such a connection. This is particularly true among our moderate Arab allies who see us as their ultimate protection against an Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas axis that openly threatens them all.

Saudi punishes gang rape victim with 200 lashes

Our friends the Saudis.

It seems them bad press over this is putting a damper on the OPEC Conference.