Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A typical day at Diminished Expectations

Now that Theo has revealed his secret lair, perhaps the time has come to unveil the Diminished Expectations Command Center. Click pick to enlarge.

Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance Policies

In Indiana, an eighth-grader who realized that he had inadvertently brought a Swiss Army knife to school in his jacket pocket, turned it in to the office as soon as he arrived at school, but was suspended for 10 days anyway. The principal recommended that he be expelled, even though the student had told the truth and done the right thing. Assuming that the point of the no-weapons rule was to keep knives out of school, it had succeeded when the boy turned it in. But the message his suspension sent to other students was probably to keep any weapons hidden and as far away from administrators as possible.

Justice Stevens is senile

It seems he regrets the killing of Admiral Yamamoto.

From the Article:

Indeed, if Yamamoto's killing were analogous to the death penalty, then the death penalty should be acclaimed as a high moral imperative: Rather than wondering whether the death penalty saves innocent lives, we'd be nearly sure of it.

via Ace of Spades and Instapundit