Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Obama and the Flag: This Time It's Interesting

I agree that Obama flag-pin story was a little ridiculous. I also think that it was further evidence that he's not ready for prime time. It was what politicos call an unforced error, Mark Draughn seems to think it worked to his advantage which I think is clearly wrong. That may play with the white wine and brie set, but most Democratic primary voters are deeply patriotic (no matter what Republicans say) and symbols matter. Bill Richardson hammered him on this for Pete's sake.

This story too by itself means little. No doubt Obama was tired or as Mark puts it:

Maybe he's been hearing it five times a day, every day, for the last year, and this time he forgot to salute. Maybe he was doing something else when they started playing—carrying a brief case, shaking hands with people in the crowd—and he just didn't go into "national anthem mode."

The effect of these things is cumulative. Combine them with his odd name (Barack Hussein Obama), his education in Jakarta and so on and you get the sense...well, you get the sense that he's not one of us. You can't say that about any of the other major candidates (well, maybe Romney-I guess it depends on how you feel about the whole Mormon thing).

I wish Obama well. He seems like a decent guy and I don't doubt he has a bright political future ahead of him. Running for President is hard work and unfortunately there are times when he acts like he's...unserious about the whole project.

I've added the photo.

Art for art's sake

The article I linked to here full of expletives and some truly horrifying pictures. You've been warned.

That someone could do this in the name of art sickens me.

A sample:

This despicable piece of distended s*** tied a dog up to a wall, and let it starve. For several days the poor animal was kept there, without food or water while F***wits took photographs of it in its various stages of emaciation, right before it dropped dead infront of the viewing public.

Lethal Injection Ban Leads To Rise In Back-Alley Lethal Injections

"The reality of the situation is that you can't legislate lethal injections away," Blecker said. "If governors can't inhumanely execute prisoners legally in prisons, they're going to turn elsewhere for the procedure. More often than not with tragic results."

The Global-Warming Debate Isn't Over

Some scientists say the warming may be caused by changes in the sun, or ocean currents, or changes in cloud cover, or other things we don't understand. If it's all man's fault, why did the Arctic go through a warm period early last century? Why did Greenland's temperatures rise 50 percent faster in the 1920s than they are rising now?

The media rarely ask such questions.

In fairness to the media, the reason that they don't ask this sort of question is that their understanding of science is rudimentary at best. People don't go to journalism school because they're good at math and science.

A Troubled Church

Lex says it far better than I ever could.

Media myths about the Jena 6

This story is starting to remind me of the Duke (non)rape case.

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No Joke: Colbert's Campaign May Run Afoul of Law

Yet another reason to hate the monstrosity that is McCain-Feingold.

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Are Democrats too confident in 2008 election race?

"There's a real anti-incumbent, anti-Washington mood out there," he said. "Democrats cannot take for granted that just because voters are upset with the Republican administration it doesn't mean they think Democrats are much better right now."

I think that's right. Broadly speaking the electorate is deeply dissatisfied with the governing class. There have been so many outrages over the past decade or so: the mishandling of the war (Republicans), the desperate attempt to lose the war at any cost (Democrats), amnesty for illegals (mostly Democrats but McCain and Giuliani are neck deep in this too), mishandling Katrina (both parties actually but the media only seemed to notice the massive incompetence of the Bush Administration on this one), the appointment of dubious hacks to positions of enormous national importance ie. Harriet Meiers, Michael Brown, Alberto Gonzales (Republicans), idiotic opposition to massively well qualified public servants ie. Sam Alito, John Roberts, John Ashcroft, and John Bolton (Democrats).

I could go on but it's getting depressing.

The New Republic 'Shock Troops' Story Collapses

Told you so.

First Paris, now Amsterdam

Europe is going to have to decide very soon what kind of future it wants.

Bullwinkle strikes back

Bring me moose and squirrel!