Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How Luxury Lost it's Luster

This might just make "the wife" weep.

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Fitzgerald Vows to Find Who Outed Dumbledore

Thank goodness he's on the job.

China's syndrome of lawless growth

China is getting interesting-and that may be dangerous.

Where do you stand in the new culture wars?

My own test for spotting a phoney liberal is as follows. If you think Bush is a fascist and Castro is a progressive, you are not a democrat. If you think cultural traditions can trump women’s rights, you are not a feminist. And if you think antisemitic rants are simply an expression of frustration with American and Israeli policy, you have learnt nothing from history.

Preemptive Memorial Honors Future Victims Of Imminent Dam Disaster

It's always good to be prepared.

Are we engaged in a Cold Civil War?

I fear the answer may be yes.

From the article:

...if you want to discuss the best way forward in the war on terror, you can't do that if the guy you're talking to doesn't believe there is a war on terror, only a racket cooked up by the Bushitler and the rest of the Halliburton stooges as a pretext to tear up the constitution.

Read the whole thing.

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Thompson’s Plan to Fight Illegal Immigration

If I wasn't already supporting him this would have won me over.

The state of the Royal Navy

The sad thing is it's mostly true.

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Desert Storm

Understanding the capricious God of the Psalms.

French court tries woman for kissing painting

I think it says a lot about the intelligence of the art world when collectors think a blank canvas is worth $2.8 million. The emperor has no clothes.

Eva Longoria "Sex Tape"

Safe for work and very funny.

How could one collector find so much rare fine wine?

Rajat Parr, a prominent wine director who oversees restaurants in Las Vegas, told me that several years ago some of his customers ordered a bottle of 1982 P├ętrus, which can sell in restaurants for as much as six thousand dollars. The party finished the bottle and ordered a second. But the second bottle tasted noticeably different, so they sent it back. The staff apologetically produced a third bottle, which the diners consumed with pleasure. Parr closely examined the three bottles and discovered the problem with the second one: it was genuine.

Separating rich people from their money is fun.

13 things that do not make sense

Glad to know that scientists are as confused as I am.

Red Sox advance to the series

I had neglected to mention Cleveland's collapse out of respect for my old buddy Steve Attig. Hopefully enough time has passed. Here's Curt Schilling's take.