Thursday, October 04, 2007

Truthiness on Young Black Males in Prison Cells vs. College Dorms

Facts are stubborn things, this one was suspect from the start.

CNN Meteorologist: ‘Definitely Some Inaccuracies’ in Gore Film

"The biggest thing I have a problem with is this implication that Katrina was caused by global warming."

Will He Shuffle Off Stage Now? (Update: If He's Consistently Inconsistent ...)

Craig's case never had much hope of success in any case. Who could take seriously the argument that a US Senator didn't have the werewithal to learn the facts of his case and get legal advice in the nine weeks between his arrest and his plea? The big surprise came when Porter took the argument under advisement for several days. Perhaps he needed to stop laughing before writing his opinion(emphisis mine).

Daisy the dog finds the meal of her dreams...

A tiny dachshund named Daisy found a bone while strolling along the shore in Dunwich, England. But this was no ordinary dog bone -it was a fossilized thighbone of a mammoth! The bone, which is as big as Daisy, could be 2 million years old.

Ford Mustang Convertible aces NHTSA crash tests

Cool. I like the current Mustang quite a bit. It has that classic muscle car look combined with all sorts of modern features. This may be the first convertible from any company to get a five star crash rating.

President Thompson

The Democrat Party was once the dominant political force in American life. It lost that position for two reasons. First, because the electorate discovered that Democrats, beholden as they are to leftist, anti-American supporters, can't be trusted to defend the country. Second, because voters also discovered that Democrats lacked the strength and the wisdom to defend our culture against all sorts of bizarre social experiment.


Saudi Cleric Issues Edict Against Foreign Jihad

About time our "allies" the Saudis did this sort of thing.

I'm back

Well we've finally finished with the move more or less. There are still a few boxes to unpack but for the most part we're settled in. I'll be posting some pictures later today.