Thursday, September 06, 2007

In the Mood

A little Glenn Miller.

Negotiating with terrorists sucks

South Korea’s allies were quick to criticize Seoul’s negotiations with terrorists, and many of them voiced concerns that rewarding terrorists for their actions would only lead to more terrorism. The Taliban agreed.

Some adult language.

Tony Soprano got whacked

This has been out there for a little while but I thought I should pass along. I'm impressed and persuaded by the argument.

Clinton Supporter Arrested in N.J. Corruption Sting

What is it about the Clintons and the communist Chinese?

Al Dura Petition

I signed it.

The Right Said "Fred"

But is he too sexy to be President?

Kathleen Willey: Clintons stole my manuscript

It turns out there really was no break-in and it turns out this is just a poorly conceived attempt to generate buzz about a more than decade old sex scandal.

Not that the Clintons are above this sort of thing, they're just not that stupid.

Dylan endorses Diminished Expectations

Sic transit gloria mundi

He will be missed.