Saturday, September 01, 2007

The War for Lake Michigan

I grew up in Chicago and the beaches on Lake Michigan are one of my fondest memories. I realize that the lake is probably cleaner today than it was then, but it strikes me as insane to massively increase pollution in the lake for eighty new jobs.

I've had an intense dislike for BP since they destroyed Amoco a few years back. Now I positively hate them.

7 Great Men in History (And Why You Should Hate Them)

Not safe for work-Language

A little Duke Ellington

Take the A Train.

We didn't start the fire...illustrated

The wife says to click the paid links after watching.

Poverty in Africa

The sad truth is despite $2.3 trillion in devlopment aid, Africa is poorer than it was five decades ago.

Guess what $127 billion buys?

Not much so far.

I want one!

Since the 1930's people have been promising flying cars. Moller International is building them.

Gay Marriage in Iowa?

Not quite yet anyway. Dale Carpenter reviews the lower courts analysis.

This will end well.

It is truly astonishing what you can get some people to believe.

Michigan 32 Appalachian State 34!

Lloyd Carr breaks new ground, chokes at the BEGINNING of the season as unranked Appalachian State upsets #5 Michigan.