Thursday, August 30, 2007

England is Vanishing

I’m curious about what my British readers think about this.

Paul Krugman Makes the Case for School Choice

Well, not really.

Survey: Less Than Half of all Published Scientists Endorse Global Warming Theory

You'd think this sort of thing would get more press.

The Future of Iraq

Michael Totten's view is somewhat mixed but there seems little doubt that progress has been made.

Couric goes to war

Michelle Malkin is (semi) impressed.

It’s true, foreigners are funny.

Knowing now what great wickedness Hitler did, it’s hard to see him as a comic figure; but I have never been able to watch film footage of Mussolini in full bluster without smiling. Il Duce was indeed preposterous.

What a brave artist...

Of course if she picked on some other faith I could name, she be in hiding (or dead... just ask Theo Van Gogh) by now.

The future of New Orleans.

New Orleans never did make much sense as a city. Most of the city lies below sea level, surrounded by water on three sides, and as Steve Chapman points out, it's sinking. Add in the local mix of corruption and Gallic inefficiency and you’ve got a heck of a mess.

How bad is American Health Care?

Not too surprisingly, it depends on what you're looking at and what your policy preferences are going in.

Do as I say, not as I did

Michael Dukakis is worried about 2008.

This week’s sign the apocalypse is upon us

Pete Seeger repudiates Stalin…seriously.

A subprime bailout???

Check the story here. I cannot comment while using work-appropriate language. Suffice it to say I am not pleased. I guess I am an idiot for passing up on the suicide ARM's and sticking with a conventional thirty-year fixed. If only I had known a REPUBLICAN would swoop in and save the day, perhaps I would have joined the party.