Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Zombie Menace Continues.

Hundreds of zombies converge on London, trying to set a world record (currently held by the Democratic National Convention).

Poverty in America

It’s important to remember that poverty is relative.

From the article:

Dickensian images evoked by the word poverty does not apply in the US, at least in most cases.
The poor in America live in the following conditions:
* 43% of the poor own their homes, and the average home is a three-bedroom house with a garage and 1.5 bathrooms
* Over two-thirds of households have two rooms per occupant, which belies the notion of overcrowding
* 80% of the poor have air conditioning
* Almost 75% own one car; 31% own two or more
* The average living space for the American poor is larger than the average space for all people in Paris, Vienna, and London, among other cities in Europe.

The Ghosts of Bayreuth

The Wagner clan and the Nazis.

The Peace Racket

How should democracies respond to aggression? Hold dialogue. Make concessions. Apologize. Neville Chamberlain’s 1938 capitulation to Hitler at Munich taught—or should have taught—that appeasement just puts off a final reckoning, giving an enemy time to gain strength. The foundation of the Peace Racket’s success lies in forgetting this lesson. Peace studies students discover that the lesson of World War II is the evil of war itself and the need to prevent it by all possible means—which, of course, is exactly what Chamberlain thought he was doing in Munich. What they learn, in short, is the opposite of the war’s real lesson.