Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Huge Upgrade at Diminished Expectations

I’ll be out of town next week so postings may be a bit light for a while. It‘s my mother’s 70th birthday and I thought I should pay her a visit.

My wife Cassandra will be bloging from time to time. My readers could do worse…me for instance.

In Memoriam

Dave Shulman's latest

My pal Dave rubs elbows with Hollywood glitterati…ok they’re just the stars of the latest teen movie but it’s still pretty cool.

Warning: Language

The AP's 'Fact' Check

This sort of thing has become depressingly common.

Thoughts on Rove’s resignation

Classical Values wonders“Who’s running the country?”

I fear they may be right. God help us.

Thank goodness they have all those editors.

Part of the problem with media gatekeepers is that they are only useful if they know what they’re talking about. Since almost nobody in a modern newsroom has any military experience, this sort of error (or fraud) is commonplace.


The Dog Ate My Law License

Somehow this seems very appropriate.


There are times when I wonder if Europe can be saved.

RIAA just might be the most evil corporation in America.

Now it appears they are refusing to pay judgments against them when they lose cases.

Credit where it’s due.

The Daily show hammers green hypocrite Ted Kennedy.