Tuesday, August 07, 2007

In Memoriam

For those of you outside of L.A., Hal was a sort of local Walter Cronkite. He simply oozed gravitas and had a voice that god himself would have envied. He was also my mother in law's college professor. He’ll be missed.

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Good News

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Media Hall of Shame

It’s kinda funny how all the mistakes seem to cut the same way.


Republicans Remain Addicted to Pork.

President Bush, who has the advantage of not facing voters again, has called its earmark provisions "worthless." He should veto the bill. He may be overridden, but he will do Republicans a favor by forcing them to rethink their attachment to an earmark culture that is both destructive of honest budgeting and politically dangerous because of the inherent corruption it creates.

Lileks On Eminent Domain

The New Republic’s Story Falls Apart

I’ve avoided commenting on Scott Thomas (Beauchamp) story until now for two reasons:
1) The allegations in the New Republic stories are so repulsive that I deeply hoped they were untrue and,
2) I had no independent knowledge which could confirm or deny the stories veracity-all I could offer was idle speculation that the reporting seemed fishy.
It now seems it was all a lie. That’s good I suppose, but the reputation of the United States and our armed forces have been damaged and propaganda provided for our enemies . Last time I checked providing aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war is a serious crime.

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