Monday, August 06, 2007

Free drugs

My understanding is that a 15 day supply of Cipro normally retails for $135 or so. Normally I'd say this will start a price war but it's hard to see going lower than free.

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I guess it hit the fan

"It was like a tsunami wave of hot chicken (manure)."

Kinda says it all.


The Great Triumvirate

Sadly, only Lady Thatcher is still with us.

Green Couch Potatoes

At last, a green proposal I can really support.

The Dutch have gone Completely Insane

From the article:

But the case was thrown out of court as the sheep couldn't take to the stand to testify that it didn't want to have sex and had suffered emotional stress.

Under Dutch law, bestiality is not a crime unless it can be proved the animal didn't want to have sex.

God help us.

Total Recall

Ford recalls 3.6 million vehicles due to the cruise control's controversial "burst into flames" setting.

Researchers find breast implants increase suicide risk.

Or maybe suicidal types are more likely to go for implants. These researchers don't really get the whole correlation ≠ causation thing.

Judge Onions lays down the law.

I honestly didn’t see this one coming.

Commission Weighs Future of Litigious Judge

My wife (who is an attorney) has long argued that Judge Pearson should be removed from the bench for his actions in the $54 million pants case. Her theory boiled down 1) He was abusing his role as an officer of the court and, 2) His actions were so outlandish that they constituted evidence of poor judicial temperament.

I on the other hand, had my doubts. While conceding that Pearson was a total jerk and that his claim was baseless, I doubted that the Judges conduct outside of the courtroom would play much of a role in assessing his qualifications (at least in a disciplinary context).

Score one for the wife.

The long march to be a superpower

The dragon grows stronger.

The Tide Begins to Shift.

This supports an idea I’ve long held: that a lot of the “opposition “ to the war was really opposition to the conduct of the war. Americans are willing to expend lives and treasure to create a safe, democratic Iraq. They just have to see signs of progress. The appointment of General Petraeus has made a world of difference. Given the choice of defeat or victory I suspect the American public will choose victory.

Bad Thai cops to endure Kitty shame

I bet this will work.

Iran begins producing 1st fighter jet

Judging by the photo it looks like a warmed over version of the F-5 Freedom Fighter. If memory serves, the F-5 first flew in 1959. I’m shaking in my boots. Eisenhower was President for Pete’s sake. I can’t imagine this piece of junk has any advantage over a MiG-29 or a Su-37 "Super Flanker". Nor can I imagine that Putin would be unwilling to sell modern aircraft to Iran. This suggests the tantalizing possibility, Iran can’t afford new aircraft. It’s been widely reported that Iran has been late in making payments to Russia for its nuclear reactors (and as a result the Russians have cut off assistance). Putin may be evil but he still expects to get paid.