Sunday, August 05, 2007

Attorney General Under Scrutiny

Things look pretty bleak for Alberto.

Defeatists In Retreat?

"So here is where we are: In terms of U.S. national interests--and in terms of its own political well-being--the Republican party faces a moment when, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, honor points the path of duty, and the right judgment of the facts reinforces the dictates of honor. General Petraeus will deliver the facts in September. If Republicans can keep their nerve under media and elite assault, then they will have the honor of following the path of both duty and the right judgment of the facts. I suspect all will come out well. Americans can sometimes be impatient and short-sighted. But when a choice is clearly presented, they tend to reject the path of defeat and dishonor."

The Lights Go Out One By One Around The World

The always worthwhile Mark Steyn.

Lawmaker Wants Yahoo Probe


Remember Global Cooling?

An important reminder about the shifting nature of doom and gloom stories.

Sunshine helps in the fight against breast cancer

Yet another example of how poor calculation of risk can kill people. Dermatologists have been terrifying people with horror stories for decades. Throw in the environmentalists and their endless lectures about the hole in the ozone layer (anybody notice that they never talk about that any more?) and you’ve got a whole generation of people who are at higher risk for any number of cancers because of a lack of exposure to sunlight.

Skin cancer is bad, it can kill you but for most people it’s non-fatal and easily treatable.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving goes off the deep end-Nissan follows.

Saudi Minister Blames Zionists for Golden Mosque Blasts

You can't make this stuff up.

Free speech for me, not for thee.

Reminds me of my college days.