Friday, December 14, 2007

Nancy Overreaches, Part 37B

When pressed by stunned reporters, Pelosi realized she'd made a mistake. She retracted the statement, saying that she meant that Republicans supported the current strategy in Iraq and supported George Bush's continuance of the effort. Pelosi then expressed surprise that the Republicans would not accede to public polls on the matter.

In other words, she can't understand why Republicans and George Bush don't sacrifice national security for political gain. That makes sense, coming from the leadership that has attempted to politicize the war for years now. If anyone can be said to "like" the war -- really a repellent notion -- it would be Pelosi and the Democrats. They manipulated it in two elections to attempt to gain political advantage, succeeding in 2006. Pelosi owes her position in part to the Democratic effort to fuel antiwar passion.

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