Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A sane anti-war post

I've been for the Iraq war since the beginning. I supported it when things were going badly and I certainly continue to back it now that victory seems to be in sight. It is I think, the defining issue of our time and it serves to separate those will stand for civilization from those who will not like wheat from chaff.

That said, it has also created a poisonous atmosphere in our politics, where it has become commonplace to call those who disagree stupid, evil or both. This is wrong and I think, un-American. People like Ann Coulter, Michael Moore and the commenter's at Daily Kos are making things worse not better. The vast majority of those who oppose the war are good honorable decent people. I also believe they are deeply mistaken about the nature of the world and our enemies.

The link is provided in spirit of civil discourse- something we should all encourage.

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