Friday, November 02, 2007

Pilot of plane that dropped A-bomb dies

I met Paul Tibbets when I was a kid. He was giving a talk on his wartime experences and my parents took me to meet the man who dropped the bomb. I have to say he may be the most impressive human being I've ever met.

Eternal Lord, who makest the winds and clouds obey Thy will and protectest the eagle in his flight and the dove seeking safety, uphold me as I soar into the sky and fly above land and sea. Pilot my ship safely through the air and give me nerves which are steady and relaxed, a mind, calm and composed, as I sail on to my destination. Give me a successful takeoff and at journeys’ end a safe landing, that no harm come to me and those entrusted to my care.
Hold Thy protecting hand over me as I pass through storm and clouds – and let me not lose my way as I fly by instrument through fog and darkness.
Above all, keep me in Thy grace and favor for Jesus’ sake, and let my last landing bring me safely into Thy presence, redeemed and saved to praise Thee eternally and forever. Amen

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