Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is Ted Turner playing cowboy or hogging land?

Conspiracy theorists are suggesting he's planning on taking over the midwest. Normally I'm skeptical about this sort of thing but it is worth taking note that Turner is Howard Hughes crazy.


snerdly_mortsnerd said...

If he has the money to pay for the land, why the 4uck is it anybody's business?

Mike Stajduhar said... use has always been other peoples business. You can't build a factory next to somebody's house because we as a society, using a democratic process, have determined we want to seperate industrial from residential.

In most jurisdictions you can't build right up to the lot line. This is a restriction, by others, on the use of your land.

Sometimes these rules are grossly unfair. We've seen the outrage over eminent domain abuse build over the last quarter century. Still, ultimately the voters in this country have a recourse at the ballot box.