Friday, November 02, 2007

Anti-war rally photos

...but don't question their patriotism.

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Admiral Burns said...

I was watching Brave Heart yesterday, and it occurred to me: One day, many years from now, if Iraq regains full independence as a unified nation, there will be a similar movie made. And, right or wrong, American troops and contractors will be portrayed to be just as evil as the English soldiers of Brave Heart.
I hope that in the long run it will be that Iraq is better off for our invasion, and I hope all of our troops come home safe.
At the same time, I think that Iraqis are in Iraq because it is their home and they have no place else to go. A large percentage of Americans are there to make lots of money (the contractors). As a human, not an American, I am sympathetic to the Iraqis.
As an American, I agree that some of these people in the pictures posted here are over the top. But, I think Jefferson would find it all very interesting.