Sunday, November 18, 2007

Anti-Semitism and the Left that Doesn’t Learn

No, anti-Zionism is not in principle anti-Semitism but it is time for thoughtful minds—especially on the left—to be disturbed by how much anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism share, how much the dominant species of anti-Zionism encourages anti-Semitism.


Kristee said...

Anti-Zionism/Anti-Israel is the new PC antisemitism.

Mike Stajduhar said...

Well, in fairness it’s possible to be anti-Zionist and not be anti-Semitic. Unfortunately it’s a distinction that appears to be lost on most of the secular left. It is truly astounding the level of overt anti-Semitism in leftist political circles. They have so thoroughly internalized Noam Chomsky/ Howard Zinn narrative that they have lost the ability to look at the issue objectively. Many folks on the left consider themselves to be the defenders of liberty, civil rights and democracy yet they always find themselves aligned against those very principles in any dispute. Here they have embraced the rhetoric of illiberal Islamists who seek (quite explicitly) to destroy a free and democratic state and commit genocide on a scale not seen since the end of World War Two. Progressive indeed.